About us

We started off as a group of freelancer under the community called Design to Create in July 2017. In February 2018, we established our legal entity and rename our company into Darshana Design Studio, a digital creative branding company based in Jakarta. In partnership with SelfMade we conduct magic where we turn raw content into branded content for our partner, help to drive partner’s growth through digital marketing solution and help to develop SelfMade's creative team. In collaborations with Selfmade, together we worked with international client mostly based in the U.S with main focus on e-commerce & small medium entrepreneur. We worked in various platform from IG, Facebook Ads, Klaviyo Email, Shopify & Looker for our data wizard. One thing unique about us is you can first hand experience the collaboration between data & art partnering to create growth for our customer - it’s dope!

DDS favourite quote:

"Without art, your brand’s marketing has no meaning. Without science & data, it has no direction” - Brad Hess

In 2019, we’ve grown to more than 80 employees

Our visions are:

To be the “Top of Mind” digital creative company @ South East Asia

Enlarge the creative industry in Indonesia

To produce the next leader in the creative industry


darshana = beauty

दर्शाना , Darshana means “beauty” in Ancient Javanese Sanskrit.

Studio Darshana is dedicated to bringing out the beauty in the artworks that we produce. We use Javanese Sanskrit to have a touch of Indonesian talent in everything we design. We believe that beauty lies in excellence in every artwork that we produce. There is beauty in everything, we just help uncover it and create something extraordinary from the ordinary.


We are:








what fun looks like


We are currently building the home base for our digital wizardry operations. Stay tuned to find out where the magic happens.