What we do

We are pioneers in Indonesian digital startup that focuses primarily on social media branding for our SelfMade members. We bring the services of a digital art agency to our members who are primarily influencers, small businesses, and personal brands. Strengthening their social media branding aesthetics is our primary goal at Studio Darshana.


Aesthetic direction


We strengthen our members' brand by providing expert aesthetic direction dedicated to growing engagement. We always think how to strategically convey each member's personality in a way that is tangible in their social media content.



pro image editing



personalised growth planning

Create & Cultivate

We look at each members' growth goals and provide personalized and bespoke assistance to increase their social media engagements so they can get closer to their goals.


content strategy


Not only do we edit members' pictures, we also provide content planning and strategic branding services to maximize their social media engagements including tagging and captioning.



Meet our SelfMade members


SelfMade members are a community of creators, founders, curators and influencers. SelfMade members are influencers from around the USA primarily based in New York City and Los Angeles.


@waeldavis - Member 1022

@sophiaurista - MEMBER 07

@thaniapeck - Member 99



Mainly focused on giving to others, and developing our soft skills wrapped in fun & positive activities, such as doing workshops and charities.


DPW (Darshana Photoshop Workshop) on July 28, 2018 @ PT Darshana design studio

DDS Heroes Teaser Charity on July 14, 2018 @Panti Asuhan Nurul Iman Mentas

DPW (Darshana Photoshop Workshop) #2: the art of digital photography and retouching on october 18, 2018 @ binus northumbria School of design



DDS Tutorial: hair cropping in a complex background using channel in photoshop.